What Should You Do When Your Subaru Brake Light Comes On During Driving?

It can be very unnerving to see your brake light come on as you are cruising down the highway in your Subaru. In most cases, having your brake light go on doesn’t mean that you have lost all brake functionality. However, it is an indication that something is wrong with the brake system that needs your attention. Given how critical brakes are to the safe operation of your vehicle, it is essential that you have the problem checked out right away.

Here are some suggestions on what to do if you have a faulty Subaru brake light.

Safety First

If it is safe to do so, you should check out a couple of things before proceeding with your journey. In most cases, brake warning lights are either caused by worn brake pads or low brake fluid. The brake pads are the ones that apply the mechanical force that brings your vehicle to a halt. The hydraulic fluid on the other hand is responsible for multiplying the force applied on the brakes to levels that can stop your car. If your brake pads are worn, for example, it may cause the system to malfunction and sensors will cause the brake light to light up.

These are easy to check and you should do so as soon as the brake light lights up. A gas station isa good place to stop and check. This is because you can purchase brake fluid to top up at a gas station if you are running low.

Faulty Brake Pads

These can also cause your brake light to come on. However, they are not as easy to verify as brake fluid. However, if you notice grinding sounds when you apply your brakes in addition to the brake light warning, the culprit may be worn brake pads. Another clue to faulty brake pads is if your Subaru vibrates when you apply brakes. This happens especially when you are driving at higher speeds. brake pads can be easily replaced at your trusted Subaru dealership and the process only takes a few minutes. Ensure that you only fit genuine Subaru brake pads that are recommended by Subaru.

Check Parking Brake

Another common reason for your brake warning light coming on is if you forget to completely disengage your parking brake. Some drivers do not disengage the parking brake or only partially disengage it. Your Subaru car has a sensor that detects if the parking brake is engaged in any way. if that is the case, the sensors trigger the brake light to come on. Fixing this is and by disengaging the brake light, the warning light should immediately go off.

Sensor Problems

Sometimes, software glitches on your brake system may cause the brake light to come on. Sometimes turning the car on and off can help clear some of these glitches. However, if the sensors have a major problem, then you may need to take the car to a Subaru expert to have the problem taken care of. Once these faulty sensors are replaced, the brake light should go off.

ABS Issues

Your ABS braking system could also cause your brake light to come on in case it has an issue. While we have mentioned two components of the system namely the brake pads and brake fluid, there are other parts of the system that can go wrong. Having a Subaru expert check the ABS system will help detect and resolve any issues with the system.