Service Specials


Engine Air Filter Replacement
Battery Service & Replacement
Cabin Air Filter Replacement
Tire Pressure Adjustment
Wiper Blade Replacement
Tire Tread Depth/Condition Check
Light Bulb Replacement
Fluid Top-Offs
Battery Health Test


The area where your tires actually contact the road is very small, sometimes no bigger than the size of your hand. This makes it all the more important that they have adequate tread life and are in good condition to help ensure the safety and performance of your Subaru.

Exceptional Service from our Expert Technicians

Competition Subaru of Smithtown believes that nothing should stand in the way of maximizing your driving experience. Our Factory Trained Technicians know your Subaru better than anyone else and are eager to help you get back on the road! The Competition Subaru of Smithtown service center offers a variety of services on new and pre-owned vehicles such as oil changes, filter replacements, wheel alignments, tire rotations, coolant flush, electrical repair, brake pad repair, steering repair, recall servicing, and so much more! Every servicing and repair utilizes genuine OEM Subaru parts, fluids and accessories! Drive confidently across Long Island, from Centereach to Stony Brook, while feeling the difference high quality, genuine parts make!

Visit Competition Subaru of Smithtown on 601 Middle Country Road in Saint James today to speak with a Sales Consultant about leasing or purchasing the perfect Subaru for you! Competition Subaru of Smithtown is located near the Smith Haven Mall in Lake Grove, NY, about 15 minutes away from Stony Brook University, a short drive from Kings Park, and 20 minutes from MacArthur Airport in Ronkonkoma! Call us today at 631-361-4500 or schedule your appointment online! If you need clearer guidance, we can help with directing you! We take great pride in maximizing your Subaru’s performance through efficient servicing so you can make every mile count!