What Do Subaru Dashboard Warning Lights And Symbols Mean?

When a warning light is activated on your Subaru dashboard, you may be wondering what it signifies. It’s important to know what the different symbols on your Subaru dashboard mean so that you know whether there’s a potential sign of something wrong, or if the indicator is nothing to worry about. In this guide, we tell you what some of the most common Subaru dashboard warning lights and symbols stand for.

Green Alerts

When a green light comes on, this indicates an informative alert. You can continue driving safely. Below are some common green alerts to take note of:

  • Seatbelt Warning: This warning light indicates that at least one of the seatbelts in your car is not inserted properly, or that there’s a problem with the circuitry.
  • LED Headlight Alert: When one or more of your headlights are not working, this alert will come on. Get it checked out as soon as possible – if you are driving on a dark road, this will require more timely attention.
  • Windscreen Washer Fluid Warning: This is an indication that your windscreen washer fluid is low and will need to be topped up.
  • Door Open Warning: Check that all doors are properly closed when you see this light flashing. If all looks good, there could be a problem with the detection system.

Amber Alerts

An amber light indicates an issue that is slightly more serious which you should check out when you can. There’s no immediate danger present and you can continue driving as normal. Below are some common amber alerts:

  • Low Engine Oil Level: This light indicates that it’s time for an engine oil change. Get it topped up as soon as possible and if the light is still on, contact a dealership for help.
  • Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC): A fault with your Subaru’s VDC will cause this light to activate. You can still drive your car safely but make it a point to get it checked out at your next opportunity.

Red Alerts

When you spot a red light, this is a major warning of a problem that needs to be rectified as soon as possible. Some common red alerts include:

  • Low Tire Pressure: Stop driving immediately once this alert goes on and pull over to a safe spot to check your tire pressure. If it keeps blinking constantly after you commence driving, contact your nearest dealer.
  • Airbag Warning: This light indicates that there’s a problem with your airbag system and they may not activate in the event of an emergency. Bring your car to a dealer immediately.
  • Charge Warning: When you see this light, it means that your charging system is malfunctioning and a flat battery followed by vehicle breakdown is on the cards.

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