How To Use Cruise Control For Subaru Cars

Today, almost every car on the market comes with a cruise control feature, and Subaru cars are no different. Cruise control automatically sets the speed of a vehicle, taking over the throttle of a car and maintaining a steady speed. This allows drivers to take their feet off the accelerator, reducing fatigue, particularly when driving long distances. In this article, we share with you how you can use cruise control for Subaru cars.

Setting Up Cruise Control in Your Subaru Car

To set up cruise control in your Subaru car, follow the below steps:

  • Press the cruise control main button, which can be found near your steering wheel. A light will illuminate when this has been switched on, alerting you.
  • Depress your accelerator pedal until your desired speed is reached.
  • Ensure the “RES/SET” switch is at the “SET” side before releasing your accelerator pedal.
  • You are all done! Your Subaru car will cruise at the maintained speed until you deactivate cruise control. Under cruise control, you can temporarily speed up by depressing your accelerator pedal at any time.

Cruise control is an excellent feature for reducing driver fatigue and allowing you to maintain a set speed with minimal exertion, particularly over a long distance.

When Not to Use Cruise Control

Although cruise control can be useful in a myriad of situations, there are some circumstances under which it is unsafe to use it. Below is a list:

  • When the road is slippery, such as under rainy conditions, using cruise control can upset the balance of your vehicle and affect reaction times.
  • When you are trapped in a traffic jam during rush hour, you will have to constantly turn cruise control on and off as traffic speeds up and slows down. This can result in accidents happening should you get distracted at any point.
  • When you are driving along winding roads where it is necessary to speed up and slow down at various points, avoid using cruise control. This feature is designed to be used for maintaining a set speed – if you have to switch up speeds at short notice, it’s best not to activate it at all.

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