How To Understand Subaru Dashboard Features

Subaru vehicles are designed to give you the most seamless driving experience possible. What this means is that the designers ensure that there is constant feedback from the vehicle to the driver, alerting them of everything, from a bad battery to when they are too close to the car ahead.

This engagement with the driver takes place via the dashboard which has many different signs and symbols. Some of these are common and some are rarely seen unless the vehicle has a serious problem. Here is a guide to understanding Subaru dashboard features.

Light Code

While dash lights vary from Subaru model to Subaru model, a general way of understanding dash lights is to look at the color of the light that comes up. Generally speaking, red dash lights normally indicate an issue that you need to deal with immediately. This can range in severity from reminding you to do your safety belt to warning you that your car is overheating. Orange or amber lights are reserved for information including information about the engine temperature and much more. Finally, you have the green cluster of lights that are also informational or simply confirming an action or an input.

Just from this breakdown, it follows that you should be concerned by an unknown red light appearing on your dashboard more than you should if a green light appeared.

Understand Your Model

If a dashboard light appears that you are not certain what it means, there are a number of ways that you can find out. The easiest is to check the vehicle manual which has a breakdown of these warning symbols. The internet is a great way to check these as well, especially because your car may have been a pre-owned one and the manual may no longer be available. The great thing about the internet is that you can get the precise symbol for the precise model.

If everything else fails and especially if the warning right is red, it might be a great idea to call your Subaru dealership who will quickly advise you on what you need to do. This is because sometimes the warning sign may indicate a problem that could be made worse by driving the vehicle to the repair shop. For example, if you have lost all your engine oil due, driving or even turning your car on could cause serious damage to the engine.

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