How To Select Driving Modes In Subaru Cars

You may know or have heard of the different driving modes available in a Subaru car. Depending on your preferences and the type of drive you are heading on, you may choose from three different driving modes under Subaru SI-Drive (Subaru Intelligent Drive): sport mode, sport sharp mode and intelligent mode.

Keep in mind that SI-Drive will only be activated when you have selected one of the three modes. Otherwise, your car will just function on a default mode that equalizes fuel economy and power. In this article, we share more with you about how you can select the different driving modes.

Intelligent Mode

To activate Intelligent Mode, push the knob to the Push [I] intelligent setting. When Intelligent Mode is activated, your drive settings will maximize fuel economy. This is achieved by opening the throttle at a more gradual pace, allowing for more efficient driving and a reduction of emissions. The end result is a gentler ride and better control.

Most drivers prefer to use Intelligent Mode when they are driving long distances or simply cruising along for a slow and leisurely drive. It is also great for use during snowy and rainy weather conditions. You can be assured of a comfortable ride with Intelligent Mode.

Sport Mode

To activate Sport Mode in your Subaru car, push the knob to [S] Sport. The biggest difference between sport and intelligent mode is that the throttle will respond more swiftly when in Sport Mode. This allows for a combination of mileage and power, making it idea for daily driving. If you frequently drive through highways or thoroughfares, you may find that you use sport mode a lot.

In summary, Sport Mode provides the best acceleration and is also the most responsive driving mode. Drivers who are on winding roads or making use of higher speeds will find that sport mode is the most accommodating.

Sport Sharp Mode

Finally, let’s take a look at Sport Sharp Mode. To activate this mode, push the knob to [S#] Sport Sharp Mode. In this mode, your Subaru car’s throttle will be at its most responsive, giving you the most aggressive power out of the three different modes. Because your car will stay in lower gears for a while before shifting, you will find that you will be able to accelerate quickly. This mode is ideal for merging into lanes or overtaking, and is also the most suitable mode for joyrides.

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