How To Reset Your Subaru Airbag Module

The airbag module is the computer unit that controls the airbag. When your Subaru is involved in an accident or any other instance where the airbag deploys, it is common to have the module reset so as to allow the airbag to continue functioning as normal. Typically this process is undertaken during vehicle repairs but you might find yourself in a situation where you need to reset the airbag module. In such cases, here is a simple guide on how to reset your airbag module.

How the Subaru Airbag System Works

Before we get into the nitty gritties of how to reset the airbag module, it is important for us to understand how the airbag system works. Although this may vary slightly from model to model, the vehicle airbag system is pretty straightforward. Designed to protect drivers and passengers from accident impact, the airbag system has since its invention helped to save countless lives all across the planet. Little wonder then that airbag systems are required in most vehicles produced for the masses. The Airbag system features a number of sensors placed all around the vehicle. These sensors are always on and continuously monitor the vehicle.

When they sense a drastic and sudden acceleration (such as would happen in the case of an accident), the system releases an explosive mechanism that deploys the airbags by filling them with nitrogen gas. The entire process takes a fraction of a second and the bags then help cushion the driver from the impact

Why A Reset Matters

When airbags deploy, the airbag module is full of data about the crash. Typically, this will cause the airbag light to light up on the dashboard. This indicates that the system should be checked by a professional and the module then reset. If you are sure that the airbag system is fine and it is just the module that needs to be reset, then you can proceed with this process.

Resetting the Airbag Module

The easiest way to get this done is to have a professional Subaru dealership help you reset the module. Typically, the process will involve removing the module and running special software on the module that wipes it clean. This means erasing both the soft and hard codes. There are a number of companies all across the United States who can do this for a fee as well but it is often wiser to work with a Subaru dealership that has the proper software and expertise to handle your vehicle. There is also a soft reset which involves disconnecting your battery and reconnecting it again.

Safety Tips to Keep in Mind

If the airbag warning light on the dashboard stays on, then it is best to have the problem handled by an expert as it could be a pointer to other serious problems. You must also keep in mind that the airbag system is also linked to the safety belts and faults in the system may sometimes come in the form of jammed safety belts. In such a case, you should also consider having an expert look through the system for your peace of mind.

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