How To Reset The Subaru VSC Light

Vehicle stability control is a critical component in your Subaru that controls the traction system. This is the part of the vehicle that ensures that your vehicle maintains its grip on the road when you are driving on slippery surfaces. The traction control system does this by managing the power that is sent to each wheel, ensuring that the vehicle keeps moving on all types of surface conditions.

Sometimes, however, this system may fail. When this happens, the VSC warning light is likely to come on. Here are some things you can do to reset your Subaru VSC light.

Causes of VSC Failure

With most modern vehicles, the traction control system is linked to several other components. While this helps to keep your Subaru moving even under difficult circumstances, it also means that there are a lot of things that can go wrong. Some of the common reasons why your Subaru VSC light may come on include a fault in the ABS system, problems with your throttle system, and sometimes faulty airflow sensors. Some of these problems can be fixed without the need for bringing in an expert but others may require diagnostic equipment to pinpoint.

Turn Traction Control On and Off

Sometimes software glitches may cause the VSC light to come on. The fact that the system is interconnected with several others makes it likely that a sensor problem may cause the system to indicate fault. In such cases, turning traction control on and off may be enough to solve the problem. If your Subaru model has a separate VSC button, you can also try to re-engage the system by holding the button down. If this does not work, then you may have to explore further to find what could be the problem.

Check The ABS System

As noted earlier, the Subaru VSC system is linked to the ABS system. If there is a problem with the latter, it could affect the traction control mechanism. For this reason, it might pay to have your ABS system checked by an expert. This system includes the brake fluid, the speed sensors, and many others. A Subaru expert can easily run diagnostics on the system and fix any issue that may the there.

Check Steering Rack

Another possible reason why your VSC light may be coming on could be an issue with your steering rack. If you have been having problems with your steering rack or may have had it replaced recently, this could be the cause of the VSC issue. In such cases, you should have your steering rack checked by a Subaru expert to ensure that any problems are fixed. This should in turn clear any VSC issues that your car may have.

Get Expert Help

If any of these interventions do not work, it might be time to get expert help through Subaru diagnostic equipment. A good Subaru dealership is likely to have this kind of equipment that will check the problem with the VSC system and generate an error code. This guides the Subaru experts in understanding what needs to be replaced.

It is important that you should not attempt to fix the traction control system or ABS system if you don’t have the technical expertise. This is because both systems are important to the safe operation of your Subaru. Another way of preventing such problems is to ensure that your vehicle is regularly serviced by Subaru experts. This way, problems with traction or braking systems can be caught early and dealt with.