How To Replace A Subaru Car Battery

The battery of your Subaru vehicle is a vital part of the running of your car. Not only does the battery provide the power that ignites the engine but it also powers many other components of your vehicle such as your headlights, wipers, and much more. Car batteries are designed to recharge every time the vehicle is used which is why you get to use them for a long time. The life of the battery is determined by its ability to hold power. This ability however erodes over time and eventually, you will need to replace your battery.

If you are not sure how to go about this, here is how to change your Subaru battery.

Confirm that It Needs Changing

Typically, a vehicle battery will last a couple of months before it is optimal to change it. Remember that if you run down your battery (for example, if you leave your headlights on overnight), you may not need to change the battery. All that will be required is to jumpstart the battery and it will recharge itself when the vehicle comes on.

However, you may start noticing that the battery is sluggish when you start the vehicle. In some cases, the vehicle may refuse to start completely even though nothing was left on. You may also have the ‘Check Battery” light coming on in the dashboard which may further clues that you may need to replace your Subaru battery.

Buy The Appropriate Battery

Depending on the type of Subaru that you drive, there will be different specifications regarding the battery that is required. The specifications are typically based on a variety of factors such as the physical dimensions of the battery (based on the allotted space), cold-cranking amps which refer to the ability of a battery to start the engine in cold temperatures, and much more. Fortunately, Subaru will have all these details in the vehicle manual that you can refer to. If you can’t access the manual, a Subaru dealership will happily give you the right information that you need.

Fitting The Battery

Once you have the right battery, ensure that you are parked in a safe place and you do not pose a danger to yourself and other motorists. Still, on safety, it is important to have some strong rubber gloves, eye protection, and other items that will protect you from the corrosive compounds in the car batteries. Put the gear in ‘Park’ and completely switch off the engine.

Open the hood and carefully remove the terminals on the old battery. You may have to use a tool to loosen the terminals if they are stuck on the battery nodes. Lift the old battery out of the holding tray. It is advisable to clean the tray at this point of any dirt that was underneath the battery. Finally, place the new battery on the tray and screw back the terminals and the holding mechanism to ensure that the battery is firmly held in place.

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