How To Know If You Have A Subaru Fuel Pump Issue

One of the most important parts of your vehicle is the fuel pump. As the name suggests, the primary work of the fuel pump is to deliver fuel from the tank to the engine where it helps to keep the engine supplied with gas. When it breaks down or fails, it means that the engine is not being supplied with fuel as efficiently as it should.

Now that you understand what is going on under the hood when your fuel pump starts to fail, here are some signs that you have a Subaru fuel pump issue.

Noise From Fuel Tank Area

This is often in the form of a whining sound that seems to come from the fuel tank area. For most Subaru drivers who face this problem, this is one of the early signs that their fuel pumps are failing. While the car will still operate normally, it is a great idea to have the fuel pump replaced as quickly as possible.

Engine Sputters

This is another common sign that your fuel pump is about to give way. This sputtering occurs because your fuel pump will cycle between working and not working as you drive along. These episodes interrupt the flow of fuel to the engine causing sputtering.

Difficulty Starting

Another common indicator of a failing fuel pump is when you struggle to turn the car on. Of course, this is an indicator of many problems so you may have to eliminate the usual problems in order to arrive at the fuel pump if this is the only clue you have. For example, you can eliminate your battery if the battery works in another car. Failing fuel pumps cause your vehicle to start with difficulty because the pump is unable to deliver power to the engine.

High Engine Temperature

When your engine is struggling to get fuel from a faulty fuel pump, it is forced to work harder and this often translates to a rise in engine temperature. What this means is that if you are struggling with a car with no power and a high engine temperature, chances are that you have a problem with your fuel pump.

This is especially likely to occur when the vehicle is carrying or towing heavy loads as the engine is forced to work extra harder.

Change in Gas Consumption

Another easy way of knowing that you have a faulty fuel pump is if you observe a change in your gas consumption. The problematic fuel pump often leads to inefficient use of gasoline.

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