How To Identify Subaru Premature Brake Disc Wear

Brakes are an important component of your Subaru vehicle and it is therefore critical to ensure that they are in perfect working condition. Unfortunately, brake discs can wear out prematurely, causing your brake to malfunction. Being able to identify some of these problems early enough can help prevent accidents and also ensure that you get your brake disc repaired on time.

Here are some of the ways you can tell that your brake disc is prematurely worn out.

Brake Pads Wear out Unevenly

One of the tell-tale signs that something is wrong with your brake disc is when your brake pads need to be replaced often. Typically, brake pads tend to wear out evenly and roughly at the same rate as the corresponding brake pad on the other wheel. When one brake pad wears out unevenly and faster than normal, it is a good idea to have a qualified Subaru technician have a look at your brake disc. Chances are that the worn-out disc may in turn lead to the rapid depletion of your brake pads.

Grinding Noises

If you notice grinding noises when you apply your brakes, you may need to check your brake disc and the entire system. Under normal circumstances, braking should be a noiseless affair. However, when your brake disc is worn out, it may lead to friction with the brake pads, causing the grinding noises that you hear.

Vehicle Pulls To One Side When Braking

When there is a fault with your brake disc, one of the things that you may notice is that the car pulls to one side when you brake. Usually, that side will probably be the one with the faulty brake disc. This will progressively worsen as the brake pad gets worn out as well. You may also notice that your Subaru vehicle will wobble or vibrate when you apply the brakes. This also gets worse over time.

Brake Failure

If the problem is not fixed, the next thing that you may notice is that your brakes do not work as well as they should. Either they will not work efficiently or your brakes may completely fail to bring your vehicle to a complete standstill. At this point, your vehicle is probably not safe to operate and you should get the brake disc and pads replaced immediately.

Warning Light

Most modern Subaru models are fitted with sensors that continuously monitor your brake system. if your disc is worn out, you may notice a red warning light, labeled Anti-lock Brake on your dashboard. This can be caused by a variety of things but it is good to have the entire brake system checked when you notice this light.

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