How To Identify A Subaru Battery Leak

Even though battery leaks are rare, they still do happen. if left unchecked, leaky batteries can corrode the metal holders, put you at risk of acid burns, and much more. This is why it is important to ensure that you know how to spot leaking batteries. Before we do that, let us look at some of the causes of Subaru battery leaks.

Causes of Battery Leaks

Battery leaks can be caused by a number of things. For example, physical damage to the battery frame can lead to the battery fluids leaking. Another common cause is when the battery is not secured properly and tossed around due to the motion of the vehicle. If the caps are not properly closed, battery fluid is likely to swirl and leak from the caps. Overcharging a battery may also cause battery fluids to boil and spillover. Finally, old batteries are prone to leaking, mostly because the heat and the acid eventually weaken some parts of the battery frame.

Regardless of the cause, a leaky battery is something you want to change as soon as possible. Here is how to spot a leaking battery.

Identifying Leaks

The first thing that most motorists notice when they have a battery leak is a bubbly fluid that often seeps through the vent caps. It may also appear on other parts of the battery, depending on where the damage to the battery is. Given the fact that most of the acid in the battery is sulphuric based, you may also notice a strong smell like that of rotten eggs. You may also notice beads of acidic moisture that will form on the surface of the battery. technicians often refer to this as battery sweat. In extreme cases, there is the likelihood that the battery casing may become deformed or warped, largely due to the build-up of gases in the chambers.

Finally, you are likely to notice that you need to keep topping up battery fluid every now and then as they keep running low.

What to Do

It is very dangerous to drive around with a leaking battery. Leaks cause batteries to perform below par and this may end up damaging some of your electrical components. The other risk is acid burns so you must never change a leaking battery without hand and face protection. if the battery is dead, never attempt to jumpstart a leaking battery. This is because such a battery could pose a fire hazard as some of the battery fluids are flammable.

As soon as you notice the leak, turn off the vehicle and remove the battery. Ensure that you replace the battery with a new one. You should also ensure that the old battery is properly disposed of so as not to pose a hazard to others.

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