How To Connect Your Bluetooth Device To Your Subaru Car

To date, one of the best-selling points of a vehicle has to be its connectivity. When you connect your Bluetooth device to your vehicle, you can utilize a myriad of features on your device, all without the need to take your hands off the steering wheel. This comes in extremely useful for navigation, entertainment, making phone calls and more. In this guide, we share with you the process of connecting your phone, tablet or other device to your Subaru car.

Why Connect Your Bluetooth Device?

We all know the importance of driving safely. This includes never taking your eyes off the road, regardless of the reason. When you pair your Bluetooth device to your Subaru car, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. You can make calls and play music hands-free, allowing you to stay connected and enjoy the ride, all without compromising on your safety.

Subaru’s STARLKINK multimedia system enables you to perform a wide variety of functions when paired with Bluetooth. This includes navigation, music streaming, adding contacts, as well as performing hands-free calls to your contacts. For drivers who frequently have to navigate while on the road or cannot do without a little music in the background, you will want to make the most of Bluetooth connectivity.

Instructions for Connecting Your Device to Your Subaru Car

Always make sure that Bluetooth is activated on your device before you start the connection process. It also helps to understand the Bluetooth functionality of your car. Follow the simple steps below to pair your device with your Subaru:

  • Select “Setup” on your STARLINK screen. After that, select “Add” and finally “Bluetooth”.
  • After you have selected “Bluetooth” on the screen, the name and PIN of your STARLINK system will be visible on the screen. It will now also be discoverable on your device.
  • Select your STARLINK system from the list of discovered devices on your phone or tablet. The two systems will now begin to connect.
  • Your device is now paired with your Subaru car! Enjoy all that the connectivity has to offer.

You are also able to pair your device with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay according to your needs and preferences.

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