How To Change Subaru Windshield Wipers

Do your windshield wipers need changing? Whether they have sustained damage or simply need to be replaced due to regular wear and tear, it pays to know how to change your Subaru windshield wipers. Having windshield wipers that are malfunctioning or not working can pose a threat to your safety as well as that of others on the road. In this article, we give you a detailed step-by-step guide on how you can change the windshield wipers on your Subaru vehicle.

The Importance of Having Functional Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers should be replaced at least once or twice a year, however, if they are no longer serving you well, do not hesitate. If your windshield wipers are not doing their job of removing dirt, grime and debris from your windscreen, this can result in an obstructed view of the road ahead, which is potentially dangerous both to yourself and to others.

Of course, you can get your windshield wipers changed by a professional but if you are up for a DIY project, this is a simple task you can take on by yourself.

Changing Your Subaru Windshield Wipers

Now that you have determined your windshield wipers need changing, it’s time to get to work. Follow the below steps to change your Subaru windshield wipers:

  • Typically, the arm base of your wiper will be tucked underneath the hood. This can make it difficult for you to pull it away from your vehicle. To simplify this process, try turning on your ignition and letting the wipers run. While they are in the process of running, quickly switch off your ignition. Wipers that are mid-swipe will be easier to pull away from your windscreen.
  • Now that you have got the wipers positioned where you want them to be, it’s time to release them. If there is a release button, press to release them, then gently pull on the wiper blades to remove them from the arm.
  • With the old blade removed, you can now slot in the new windshield wiper. Ensure that you hear a clicking sound before considering the job done, or for additional peace of mind, you can close the release tab.
  • The final step is to turn on your ignition and allow your windshield wipers to return to their resting position underneath the hood. You are all done!

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