How to Change Subaru Windscreen

The process of replacing your windscreen isn’t particularly complicated, but it does require you to set aside some time to do it properly. These steps on how to change the Subaru windscreen will guide you through the process step by step so that when you’re done, you’ll be left with an entire windscreen and no broken glass all over your driveway or garage floor.

  • Remove Molding

Using a flat head screwdriver or another prying tool, carefully remove all the molding along with your windshield. Be careful not to break it.

  • Remove The Rearview Mirror And Stickers

Grab your screwdriver and remove all of the screws holding down your rearview mirror. You’ll need to get rid of them, so store them for later use.

  • Cut Around The Windshield

Cut around all four edges of your windshield. You can do so by using a sharp utility knife, making sure that you’re cutting through any plastic strip as well as rubber molding.

  • Press Out From The Inside

Push firmly but gently outward against each clip’s button until you hear a snap. The clips should remain in place; if they don’t, then you might need to pry them out with something like a flathead screwdriver.

  • Lift Windshield Out

Using a flathead screwdriver, pry out any remaining clips from the windshield’s edge. It is usually easiest to start at the bottom of the window and then work your way up. Lift windshield straight up with both hands from inside car.

  • Scuff The Inside Edge

Use a piece of sandpaper or steel wool to scuff up both edges. This will help them adhere to each other better. Now clean off all dust and dirt with glass cleaner, paper towels, or rags until it is spotless.

  • Remove Most Of The Urethane Bead

If a windscreen, particularly, has been sitting for a long time, you may have to remove most of its urethane bead. This is done with an automotive razor blade.

  • Check Carefully For Any Scratches In The Paint

If you see any, touch them up with a matching paint stick from your local hardware store.

  • Cut The Urethane Tube

Carefully use a sharp knife or razor blade to cut through your vehicle’s urethane windshield cover. Start at one end and ensure that you don’t accidentally damage any wires, sensors, or other parts of your vehicle when cutting.

  • Apply A Bead Of Urethane

Using a squeegee, apply a bead of urethane along one side of the glass.

  • Place The New Windshield Into Position

Put it in place at a 45-degree angle, holding it up with one hand while taping it into position with your other hand. Check to see if any spots need taping.

  • Apply Pressure To The Windshield

If you’re working alone, you’ll want to use a suction cup and apply pressure to one end of it. If you’re working with someone else, have them hold one side of the suction cup as you hold another.

  • Replace Trim

Replace trim using a new piece of replacement trim. If you do not have a replacement, use a weather stripping adhesive to install a piece of foam to create a gasket that will prevent wind and water from coming in through your windshield.

  • Up Paint

Apply small, thin layers of paint to fill in any cracks or chips in your windscreen. Then use a cloth dampened with glass cleaner to wipe away any paint drips or smudges.

  • Allow The Urethane To Cure

The surface should be dry to the touch but tacky to the touch. Depending on the time of day, this may take several hours.