How To Change Subaru Door Panels

Your Subaru car door panels are designed to be removed and placed back although many motorists never actually get to do so. Among the reasons for changing door panels includes in case you want to add after-market speakers or perhaps to repair the electric window motor. Regardless of the reasons why you want to change your door panels, here is a quick guide on how to do this.

Get the Right Tools

The tools that you use for this process, and how you go about it will be determined by the type of Subaru vehicle that you are dealing with. Take time to study the door panel and observe the points at which the panel is tied down to the door frame. This connection can range from screws to the panel fittings being locked in place.

You should also be careful not to force anything out. The panel is designed to come off and so you do not need to break anything in order to remove it.

Use an Edged Tool to Pry Panels Off

When it comes to parts of the door panel that are not screwed down, you can use an edged tool to pry them off. Run the tool along the trim to pull it away from the paneling, Remember that for aesthetic reasons, many of the screws that are used are often concealed. For this reason, investigate carefully when any part of the paneling feels difficult to pry off.

Keep an Eye on Electricals

Your Subaru door panels also have many electrical parts that allow you to conveniently carry out processes such as closing your window, locking the car doors, and much more. In the past, sorting out these wires usually took an expert. In modern cars, however, the electrical bits are held together in a hub which you can simply put apart to detach. Reattaching it is also very easy. Once you have this electrical part open (usually after you remove the door armrest/handle, you should detach this electrical harness immediately.

For safety reasons, always ensure that you have switched off the engine to reduce the likelihood of hurting yourself or damaging the electrical system.

Replace With Correct Panels

If you are changing the door panels, you should ensure that you have the right replacement parts ready. This is easy if you go to a reputable Subaru dealer as they have all these parts carefully sorted and arranged. If you are buying them from secondary sources, be very sure that you get the exact panels. This is because even a slight change (for example, from a slightly different variant) may mean that your screws, fasteners, or even the electrical harness may not connect properly.

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