How To Adjust Your Subaru Clock

There will come a time where you need to adjust the settings on your Subaru clock. Whether you have moved to a new area with a different time zone or you need to account for Daylight Savings Time (DST), you will need to know how to adjust your Subaru clock so that it reflects the time accurately. In this article, we share with you a step-by-step guide on adjusting your Subaru clock.

Locating the Date and Time Settings of Your Subaru Clock

Before you can get down to changing the time on your Subaru clock, you will first need to locate its settings. Below is a guide on how to do so:

  • On your infotainment system, navigate to the “Guidance” screen. This can be done through the info button, which you can find on the left of your steering wheel.
  • Hold on to the info button till the menu screen appears.
  • Locate the date and time settings on the screen by using the arrow buttons to switch between settings.
  • From here, you can choose whether you want the time to be in 12- or 24-hour mode, besides many other functions. Easily change the date and time to reflect DST or your new time zone.

Changing Your Subaru Clock Settings in Models that Use Audio Systems or Genuine Navigation

If you have a Subaru model that makes use of genuine navigation or an audio system, you have two options when it comes to changing your clock settings: automatically or manually.

Follow the below steps to change your Subaru clock settings automatically:

  • On the infotainment screen, locate the “Home” button and press it.
  • Go to “Settings”, “Vehicle”, and finally choose “Clock Settings”.
  • From there, click on “Clock Adjustment”. You will have the option to select “Automatic”.

If you would like to change your Subaru clock settings manually, below is how you can do so:

  • Follow the first two steps to reach “Clock Settings” and “Clock Adjustment” on your infotainment screen.
  • Instead of selecting “Automatic”, choose “Manual” when you come to the “Clock Adjustment” screen.
  • Navigate to the screen on your multifunction display by following the steps above to locate the date and time settings on your Subaru clock.
  • Change the time using the arrow buttons and select “i/set” when you are done. Press “i/set” twice to save the changes you have made.
  • The last step is to select “Set”, and your settings will be saved.

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