World Environment Day


Competition Subaru cares about our environment and that is why we are celebrating World Environment Day on June 5th!
 Did you know that how much pollution we breathe in is dependent on many factors, such as access to clean energy for cooking and heating, the time of day and the weather. Rush hour is an obvious source of local pollution, but air pollution can travel long distances, sometimes across continents on international weather patterns. 

Often we want to do the right thing, but don’t know where to begin. UN Environment states that their toolkits provide a how-to guide on solutions to air pollution, allowing you to pick and choose what is right for you. Whether you are a business, a government, school or individual, they have created many different ways in which you can take action and get involved this world environment day. Some examples are becoming a good influence on social media, take action as an individual, how businesses could take action, and also faith based ways you can take action. 

As an individual, so much as planting a tree, cleaning up trash, or finding a way to commute without polluting will help our environment and it is a good step forward to preserve our environment. Together we can #BeatAirPollution and everybody is invited to take part. Click here to learn more way in which you can get involved with UN Environment! 

At Competition Subaru of Smithtown, we have goals of our own for world environment day! 
We will be taking action by:
  1. Eliminating plastic products and switching to compostable. Reducing waste is the most important first step in becoming sustainable.
  2. Recycling 
  3. Composting
  4. More community involvement 

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