Do you really need to Change your Oil? YES! - Here's Why

If you break down exactly what oil is doing functionality wise in your engine, it becomes quite apparent why it's important to get your oil changed at suggested intervals. What is it that oil does, you ask? Oil lubricates various parts of your engine to ensure smooth functionality. Additionally, oil helps keep your engine stay by carrying away some of the heat generated by your engine during combustion away from the engine. As time goes on, dirt and particles mix into the oil, causing less efficient heat distribution. Unable to cool the engine properly, the engine will overheat and eventually, will warp. This warping can lead to complete engine failure.

Ensure you change your Oil! It's quick, and Competition Subaru of Smithtown is ready to do it for you!

We do a lot more at Competition Subaru of Smithtown than just sell cars! We have finance, sales, parts, and services experts ready to assist drivers. Relating to oil, our service team is prepared to take care of nearly all your servicing needs; from oil changes to rotor and brake pad replacement (and beyond!), our team can help!

Why Choose Competition Subaru of Smithtown

Regardless of whether you own a Subaru vehicle or not, our service team can help! Thinking of purchasing a vehicle but want to learn more about your financing options? Speak with one of our in-house finance experts! Overwhelmed with the number of vehicles and just want to get a rundown on vehicles that might meet your needs? Our sales team can help! We're ready to help with nearly every automotive need here at Competition Subaru of Smithtown! Schedule an oil change online or call our dealership!

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